Mrs.  Melissa  Whitt
Language Arts grade 3-5, Reading 3,5
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Spelling and Vocabulary Test
Due Date: 12/1/2017
Subject: Language Arts 4

Our next Spelling and Vocabulary Test will be on Friday, December 1, 2017

Spelling Words:

1.   turkey

2.   lonely

3.   colony

4.   steady

5.   hungry

6.   valley

7.   hockey

8.   starry

9.   melody

10. movie

11. duty

12. drowsy

13. chimney

14. plenty

15. daily

16. alley

17. fifty

18. empty

19. injury

20. prairie


 Vocabulary Words:

1. distraction:  the act of distracting; complete confusion of the mind

2. zoologists:  a specialist in zoology; animals

3. complicated:  to make or become more complex or difficult

4. intelligence:  the ability to learn and understand

5. translated:  to change from one state or form to another

6. contradicts:  to deny the truth of a statement; to be opposed to

7. psychological:  of or relating to psychology or the mind

8. conversation:  talking or a talk between two or more people

9. partnership:  a group of people in business together

10. observation:  an act or the power of seeing or of fixing the mind upon something


Skills this week:

cause and effect

kinds of verbs


reference materials



root words

fact or opinion