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Mrs.  Melissa  Whitt
Language Arts grade 3-5, Reading 3,5
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Assignments - Reading 5(Archived)
Vocabulary Words and Skills
Due Date: 4/13/2018
Subject: Reading 5

Skills:   This week we will be practicing the following skills:

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives


Main Ideas and Details

Unstressed Syllables






Reference Materials



Vocabulary:     Our story, “Lewis and Clark” will include the following vocabulary words this week:


1.          Barrier: something that won’t let other things pass or enter

2.           Despite: regardless of, in spite of

3.           Fulfilled: to have met or satisfied one’s desire

4.           Trek: long, slow journey often taken on foot

5.           Techniques: methods or skills needed to bring about a certain result

6.           Edible: able to be safely eaten

7.           Expedition: journey made for a special reason

8.           Tributaries: rivers or streams that flow from larger rivers

9.           Range: a set or chain of mountains

10.                       Resumed: began again after stopping


The vocabulary test for these set of words will be on Friday, April 13, 2018.