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Study Guide for 4th six weeks
Due Date: 2/20/2018
Subject: Language Arts
Kindergarten Study Guide # 4
Dear Parents,
          Your Kindergarten child will receive a report card every 6 weeks.  Below is a study guide for the fourth 6 weeks.  Please contact me if you have any questions.
Word recognition 
(students should be able to read these words not spell them)
a                like            see            he              did            can
big             and            we             girl            I                it
go              am             his             the            is               you        
of              him            at              in               has            as                                                 
on              but            had            have          for            up
said           be              that           all
-- Spell and write first, middle and last name.
-- Name days of the week and months of the year.
-- Name, write and sound letters: Aa – Zz from memory
-- Identify a map: locate North, South, East, West
-- Know that a compass rose shows direction
-- Count to 100.
-- Recognize numbers 0-30.
-- Write numbers 1 – 30 from memory.
-- Count by 5’s to 100.
-- Count by 10’s to 100.
-- Know time to the hour such as 12:00.
-- Identify coins and values such as a quarter = .25 cents, 
   Dime = .10 cents, nickel = .05 cents, penny = .01 cent 
-- Identify Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
-- Identify Groundhog’s Day
-- Identify Presidents’ Day