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Study Guide for 5th six weeks
Due Date: 4/16/2018
Subject: Language Arts
Kindergarten Study Guide # 5
Dear Parents,
     Your Kindergarten child will receive a report card every 6 weeks. Below is a study guide for the fifth 6 weeks. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Word recognition (students should be able to read these words not spell them).
 a         	can         	I       	the       	at      	 am
 like       	big        	it      	is          	in       	 but
 look        see       	my   		we     		little      have
 do         	not       	one   	what     	three     red
 two       	yellow   	blue      to       		go       	  up
where       here        get       you         said       that
-- Spell and write first, middle and last name.
-- Name, write and sound letters: Aa - Zz.
-- Identify a map: locate North, South, East and West.
-- Know that a compass rose shows direction.
-- Count to 100.
-- Recognize numbers 0-100.
-- Write numbers 1 – 100 from memory. 
-- Count by 2’s to 30
-- Count by 5’s to 100.
-- Count by 10’s to 100.
-- Know time to the hour such as 12:00.
-- Identify coins and values such as a 
    quarter = .25 cents, dime = .10 cents, 
    nickel = .05 cents and penny = .01 cents
-- Count money up to .10 cents using nickels and pennies
-- Addition and subtraction up to ten
-- Identify State Symbols
-- Identify National Symbols